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Water Saliva Aerosol Defender


The ongoing worldwide Covid-19 pandemic concerns an airborne disease. It therefore poses a health risk for dental surgery personnel during treatment as ‘social distancing’ from the patient simply cannot be observed.
Given the number of procedures, which generate a considerable quantity of aerosol, surgery personnel are highly exposed to the risk of coming into contact with saliva, mucus and blood from persons infected with Covid-19 (whether symptomatic or asymptomatic). WS Aerosol Defender is part of the set of measures and devices that aim to interrupt the epidemiological chain.



WS Aerosol Defender uses a flat, laminar spray interceptor that maximises the suction effect while minimising obstruction for the dental team. To optimise positioning around the oral cavity the device features a dual rotating-sliding system.
WS Aerosol Defender can easily be connected to any large cannula terminal (Ø16 mm); it is, moreover, operated by the suction system of the dental unit itself.



Suitable for all treatment circumstances, the device can be used both for treatments requiring use of the dam and those that do not require it. It does not in any way hinder treatment and maintains the acquired ergonomics. Thanks to the structure of the device and the integrated mobile arch system for the dam, WS Aerosol Defender also acts as a handy dam tensioner to optimise its stability.
Even where treatment is performed without a dam, a combination of practical rubber bands and chin adapter allows correct positioning on the patient’s face.



Los sistemas con aspiración fija interceptan indistintamente una parte del aerosol, mientras que WS Aerosol Defender ha sido diseñado para garantizar un efecto específico en el cuadrante de la cavidad bucal que se encuentra en fase de tratamiento.
Su doble sistema giratorio, compuesto por arco y conector, optimiza la eficacia de la aspiración en cualquier situación.
Gracias a la forma plana del interceptor, la banda de aspiración es más amplia y captura mejor el aerosol que una apertura de tipo circular.


Value for money

WS Aerosol Defender constitutes an investment for dentists who wish to avoid single-use material waste.
To ensure maximum hygiene with each re-use, the device can be dismantled and autoclaved some 200 times. The resulting cost per application is therefore very low.